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Artificial Intelligence Technology

We are Vertical Scale, Berlin-based venture holding and technology advisory company focusing on startups in the area of Artificial Intelligence.

We lead transitions from traditional operations to AI-based business models by enabling our customer to make use of latest technological advantages. By doing so, we are building own ventures as well as individual consulting services for clients of several branches.

For our current developments, please have a look at our portfolio section.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

AI and data science fuel the digital world. To fully leverage business data and machine learning to generate value in your enterprise, deep understanding of both business and technology is crucial. We built strong expertise and a robust network, ready to support your AI ambitions and help you thrive in Digital:

  • Strategy Consulting

    Our business consultants ensure a value-driven approach to integrate digital technologies into your enterprise. We can deliver a comprehensive strategy package for your ambitions in AI, comprising business vision, strategic analysis, the definition of initiatives and projects using innovative workshop concepts, prioritization of ideas by business case and strategic fit, and the development of roadmaps.

  • Technology Consulting

    Coming from IT business and science, our consultants are experienced in assessing relevant technology stacks for specific project requirements. As subject matter experts, we analyze existing initiatives regarding IT infrastructure, platforms and data quality. On top of that, we concept new projects focusing on IT and platform architecture as well as data requirements for future use in AI.

  • Project Management & PMO

    If external support and guidance in technology project management or PMO is needed, we can work closely together with you to ensure that day-to-day operations as well as long-term goals are covered, and all risks and opportunities are adequately considered in managerial execution.

  • Implementation Support

    Our data scientists and developers implement prospective disrupting solutions such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in an agile setting. We closely cooperate with all future users and stakeholders in the development process to speed up development cycles and minimize the risk of maldevelopment.


Current Projects

With our clients originating from diverse industries, Vertical Scale serves as a business solution provider, assembling software tools for the individual needs of the companies. Therefore, we target partnering with start-ups, SMEs or corporates to co-build market-proven products and services in future growing markets.



Area: Recruiting
With HR to be essentially benefiting from ML technologies in the future, Skillcontrol aims to deliver a digital recruiting decision tool helping HR managers to make rule-based and un-biased decisions optimized for long-term employee satisfaction.



Area: Fintech
OneDetect is an integrated fraud detection system for credit lending and trade finance. By enabling latest security methods used by banking experts, we can prove an above 99% detection rate for new client business, which helps financial institutes discovering new areas of investment.

Vector Protocol

Vector Protocol

Area: Marketplace/Fintech
Vector Protocol is a ready-to-use software solution for companies, of all industries to factorize their outstanding debits. That way, we open a wide range of refinancing opportunities for SMEs and provide investors with a market access to trade financing.

<Stay tuned>

<Stay tuned>

Area: Chemicals industry
We are currently blueprinting a ML-based product for our new client operating in international chemicals business. If you are interested in more details, please get in touch with us directly or subscribe to our newsletter below.



Besides our consulting and investment services, Vertical Scale provides state-of-the-art technical and business education concerning various startup related topics ranging from workshops and conference contributions to detailed coding training for your company's individual needs. We strive to enable you to proactively drive Machine Learning initiatives within your company.

Current Machine Learning trainings:

Compact Training

Get a basic and holistic understanding of Machine Learning

Advanced Training

Dive deeper into the methods of Machine Learning and practice common use cases

Strategy Training

Understand Machine Learning from both sides business and technology

With our network consisting of entrepreneurs, universities, investors, advisors and corporates, we want to establish an open knowledge approach for prospective technological developments in the startup ecosystem. For further information please get in touch.

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Human Resources

Vertical Scale is always looking for talented people with interdisciplinary background to reinforce our team or expand our network. Please feel free to submit an unsolicited application. We have an open-door policy.

Current Job positions:


Data Scientist Internship  

Frontend Developer Internship  

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House of Blockchain is a knowledge platform developed within the scope of the project PABlo (Potentials and Applications of Blockchain Technology for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) realized by the Institute for Applied Research Berlin (IFAF Berlin). At House of Blockchain, we want to teach all interested and especially small and medium sized companies about blockchain technology.

Since 2010 kleef&CO is successfully developing market entry- and strategies for young companies and SMEs in Berlin and HK, specializing in sustainable businesses. The company´s focus is on Project implementation and management for cross-country M&A projects; Business- and growth strategies, Turnaround Management, Setting up business, Developing sales structures and local business, Development & Consulting on initiating business, Market research, Interim-management and Recruiting.

Innoceed Consulting is a management consultancy and business services provider to companies and research institutions. We leverage our expertise in strategy development and implementation, digitalization and innovation to drive your business forward and make it sustainable - at the intersection of these focus issues. Our innovative methods for strategy and concept development as well as implementation and management ensure faster implementation, lower risk and greater benefits for your company.


If you are interested in machine learning, AI related topics or other latest technologies, currently doing research in this field, have a business yourself or simply like to chat about reshaping technology developments please get in contact.