Vertical Scale

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology company

We are a venture holding focusing on startups in the new-tech sector.

We lead transitions from traditional to AI and Blockchain powered processes.

Startup Consulting

For a successful enterprise, an innovative idea comes along with relevant market demand and well-done execution among other critical factors. To gain traction and start your way through the startup jungle, Vertical Scale offers a range of specific services in order to back you for growth:

  • Strategy Consulting

    For the success of your company, we work with you through every step of the startup process. Ranging from business model design, market analysis and creation of the business plan up to financial planning, delivering a comprehensive service package is essential for your project success and therefore our key consulting approach.

  • Fundraising

    Due to every startup’s individual business model, capital needs and financing options are as unique as the business itself. We help you to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of debt, equity and mezzanine financing and to find a supportive investor suitable for your company’s vision of the future.

  • Technology Support

    Coming from IT business, our consultants are experienced in assessing relevant technology stacks for specific project requirements. We serve traditional online businesses with best-practice online marketing implementation same as high-tech startups using prospective disrupting solutions such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

  • Temporary & Project Management

    Every new business requires structured planning and execution. If external support and guidance is needed, we can work closely together with you to ensure that day-to-day operations as well as long-term goals are covered and all risks and opportunities are adequately considered in managerial execution.


For Investors

Vertical Scale specializes in connecting qualified startups with our established network of corporates, investors, lawyers, advisors and scientists. We focus on bridging the startup ecosystem with conventional financing like debt or equity as well as novel capital sourcing via crowdfunding like ICOs.

Startup Investment Criteria:

  • Startups and projects working on or make use of groundbreaking technologies for establishing business solutions for future growth markets
  • Groundbreaking technologies for establishing business
  • Experienced and high profile teams
  • Focus: DACH
  • Stage: Seed up to Growth Stage
  • Clear added value business models

At Vertical Scale, we provide our clients with custom investment solutions for Co-Investments, fund contribution and any other individual cooperation.

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Case Study

Vertical Scale acts as a business solution provider in various fields of fintech. Our latest project called VectorProtocol is a blueprint of future factoring services. By enabling the Blockchain technology to be incorporated for secure transactions and fungibility, this is just one example of common businesses to be disrupted by new technologies.

What is Blockchain good for in financial transactions?

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In a blockchain transaction, you don't have to trust your counterpart to perform their obligations. The code ensures that all participants of the network have the latest version of the ledger that contains only validated and audited data.



The distributed ledger and all the data is not owned or controlled by a central authority. The records on a blockchain are stored on every node of the network and verification comes from the consensus of multiple users.



Everything on the network has a digital record which means every process, transaction, task and payment is comprehensible to its users.



The records on a blockchain are secured using cryptography and each block is connected to all the blocks before and after it. In order for anyone to hack the system it would be necessary to change all blocks on every node.


Besides our consulting and investment services, Vertical Scale provides state-of-the-art technical and business education concerning various startup related topics ranging from workshops and conference contributions to detailed coding training for your company's individual needs.

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With our network consisting of entrepreneurs, universities, investors, advisors and corporates, we want to establish an open knowledge approach for prospective technological developments in the startup ecosystem. For further information please get in touch.

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Human Resources

Vertical Scale is always looking for talented people with interdisciplinary background to reinforce our team or expand our network. Please feel free to submit an unsolicited application. We have an open-door policy.

Current Job positions:

CTO & Co-Founder for a new venture  


Backend Developer  

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If you are interested in distributed ledger technology and blockchain related topics, currently doing research in this field, have a meaningful business or nonprofit yourself or simply like to chat about reshaping technology developments please get in contact.